IMG_20180430_122330_895I took this pic a few years ago. Looking at it now it is hard to focus on one element. It is a good snapshot of my life over the last few weeks. While there are good things happening in my life and beauty all around there is also chaos. It is very busy. I am thankful for my family, friends and career. Family, friends and my career all take bits of my time. Rest and rejuvenation take a back seat. Other times it is hard to focus on a single thing long enough to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Life is so busy that I feel stretched thin. I say this not as a complaint but as a confession.  Do you ever feel too busy? I hear it is ok to say no to invitations. I am learning how to say no but I am not there yet.  I am learning to allot my time and energy to what matters most. My daughter won’t be one forever so I need to enjoy the moments we have now. My adult children are at different phases of their lives.  I need to remember how awesome it is that they still like me. They even like spending time with me. In order to have time with them I have to say no to something else.

There are times life is just chaotic. There may be nothing you can do to slow it down. I remember having five children, three of which were always busy with sports and school activities.  I loved attending the activities and cheering them on. The reality of it all is that it was busy. I was tired. Between family and work I didn’t always know how I would make it through the week. You dig deep, focus on what’s important and make it through. Just how life is sometimes.

It isn’t always easy to stay focused on what is important. In addition to family, friends and work is faith. Finding time for worship and serving can be difficult. When our children are young they are our first mission field. Some people are called to ministry formally and for others it is ministering to our families. For those without children it may be ministering to neices and nephews, loved ones or friends. This too can be exhausting.

For my own sanity I had to decide what matters most.  In the grand scheme of life, God first, family second, then the other “stuff and people” are layered on. When I focus on the path God has for me then the rest seems to fall into place. Some days it feels like everything is falling apart. It is on those days I have to stay focused on Him, trust the process and have faith.  It is ok that I am not super woman. I am human. It’s ok to have a bad day, it’s ok to ask for help. Instead of driving myself crazy with unrealistic expectations of perfection, I’m going to focus on the good things. I am going to focus on what I can improve. I am going to focus on where God wants my time. After all, like we are called to be good stewards of our money, we are to spend our time just as wisely.

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